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Spring Boot Hot Swapping

· One min read

Spring Boot 应用配置 Hot Swapping

FROM Hot Swapping In Spring Boot

What helped me in IntelliJ 15.0, windows 10, was the following sequence:

STEP 1: Added the following dependency in pom (This is mentioned everywhere but this alone dint solve it), as mentioned by @jonashackt


STEP 2: Then from File->Settings-> Build-Execution-Deployment -> Compiler (make sure main compiler option is selected and not any of its sub-options)

enable Make Project Automatically. Click ok and close the dialog Note : In latest version it will be Build project automatically

STEP 3: Hold Shift+Ctrl+A (on windows) you will see a search dialog with title Enter Action or option name , type registry Double click the first option that says "Registry..." it will open another window. Look for the following option:

and enable it, click close

STEP 4: Restart IDE

Elaborated from this source